DataLogger+ App Recensioni

Does not work

The application fails to send any recorded data.

Currently broken - can't export...

Would be an awesome app if export worked. Currently you get numbers rounded to 0 or 1. Something is broken in the selector that lets you pick the precision you want. Also in some cases hitting send does not trigger the export dialog.

Data export broken

This app cannot export data.

No sig figs

Well designed app, but export does not support any decimals, so all readings are meaningless. That simple fix will make this app fantastic.

GPS Units

I wanted to use this for tracking research but I can not export any data, or can I visualize it on the phone like the app shows in the description. An update that can fix this would be great!!

So promising, but just short of working

The app itself is great. This has utility in so many different ways. However, the export function is broken, so you can't get the data off the device. So close, yet so far away. This is an app I would gladly pay for if it were updated.

Export missing decimal places

For me the export worked but none of the files would give accuracy pass a whole number. I made sure to select both the decimals on the export and verified the data had decimal places...This really would be an awesome app if the export worked.

Export function nonfunctional

I really like this app for all that it does/can do, but the critical issue is that it can't export the final product! I'd gladly rate it 5 stars once I can send myself the results. Using iOS 6 on iPhone 5.

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